Handle with love, and your Peshtemal will stay with you forever!

FAQs about Peshtemal

Is it a scarf, towel, blanket, plaid, tablecloth or a bathrobe?
From the beginning, for about 600 years ago, Peshtemal was used in Turkish hammams due to its high absorbing and fast dry qualities. However, we have created some beautiful design and are using the nicer ones as scarfs. Or a plaid. And a tablecloth. But it´s a towel. Perfect to bring along to the vacation since it´s lightweight and dries five times faster then a terry towel. 

After washing, do you put the Peshtemal in the dryer, or do you hang it dry?
We would recommend you to hang it dry. It dries really quick.

Can these go in the dryer? I don't have an easy way to dry without using a dryer. Will these survive drying in a tumbler?
Yes, but we highly recommend drying rooms.

Does the color run or rub off on light fabrics?
Have washed mine over and over and in hot water, no runs at all:).

Are these towels hand-loomed?
Yes, they are.

How much does the towel weigh (not the shipping weight)?
They are super lightweight, approximately 1/2 lb (300 g).

Would these be good for a travel blanket like for airplanes and then be used for a towel when we get there?
Yes! All of them will keep you warm when in the aircraft, and they´re perfect as beach towels. Sand doesnt get stuck on them and they dry quickly.

I would like to buy one for a mom-to-be, and it has to be light and soft enough for the baby later. Will this fit the bill?
Maybe. These towels do get softer with every wash/dry, but they are not the "soft and fluffy" velvety towels. Parents of a newborn may prefer a different towel for their baby's tender skin. It would be great for summer swaddling!

Where are these towels made?
They are made in Turkey.

Has anyone used this as a yoga blanket? I'm looking something to help support me during meditation and Hatha yoga.
Perhaps, on a floor, you can expect it to move around quite a bit.

How small do they fold down to?
About a 5"x 5" square

Are they cotton loop on the inside?

Peshtemal are not a traditional towel, they are made of finely spun cotton and bamboo, and are more similar to a bed sheet, as in a woven material, then a cotton loop traditional towel. I've started using these towels over my regular bath towels because they are just so soft after only a few washes and dry super fast so they don't get smelly as a bath towel does.

How do you care for these towels?
Wash in cold water and dry

Do these towels wrinkle easily? After using or washing and hanging to dry, do they look wrinkly?

Can this be used as a light throw blanket?
Yes, it could, depending on how much you wanted. We've used them sometimes for a little wrap while snuggled up to read a book or something like that. There are different weights and qualities of turkish towels, our has substance but isn't too heavy. I have a nice "hand" to it.

Do these towels easily pick up lint from other materials? We line dry everything and want to make sure we buy towels that aren't lint magnets.
They don't seem to pick up much lint. We line dry them sometimes as well and have never had any issues.


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