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4 Reasons to Invest in a Peshtemal

There are many reasons to buy a Peshtemal. In addition to being incredibly stylish and delicious, it is a smart product - you can use it as a fashion accessory, towel or as an interior detail.

In the picture: I in Peshtemal scarf & towel N ° 5, you can find it here.

Here are 4 more reasons to invest in a Peshtemal:

# 1 Hand-woven in the same way for 6oo years
Our Peshtemal are hand-woven in the traditional way in a small village in Turkey. No weirdness, just some old men and women who love crafts, design and traditions.

# 2 Suitable for different purposes
Discover the diversity of a Peshtemal - use it as a towel, plaid, scarf, tablecloth, baby blanket or poncho. There´s no shame using a towel as a scarf.

Peshtemal - handvävda handdukar och scarfs

In the picture: Peshtemal towel, scarf and plaid N ° 6. You can find it here .

# 3 Environmentally friendly
Yep, that's it. Wash your Peshtemal at a low temperature, for example 30 degrees, and allow to air dry. You are then kind to both the environment and the wallet.

# 4 It lasts forever!
I have had my Peshtemal with me on my vacations for 6 years and my two boys have spilled everything from ketchup, ice cream to god knows what. Once home in the hotel room, I do hand washing and voila, all the dirt is gone!

Love & Cheers Merih

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