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How I use my Peshtemal

There are a few multi-usage, smart products that I know works for so many different ranges of areas. Peshtemal is for me one of a kind. From the bathroom to the beach, from the bedroom to the living room, a Peshtemal can without a doubt be used in a wide range of areas.

Summertime I always bring my Peshtemal with me to the beach. Usually, I carry like five cause my kids tend to spill ice cream, food and my coffee or soda on them, so I always have a few air drying. It only takes like 10 minutes for a large Peshtemal to get dry, and that´s a feature that I love. One of the worst thing I know is to carry around bulky beach bags, but since Peshtemal is so lightweight and dries quickly, I never have that problem.

Turkish light weight hamam towel

For the colder weather, I use my Peshtemal as a snuggle scarf or throw, and my kids love to get wrapped up in the big ones (currently not on sale, send email if you´re interested in merihtasbas@icloud.com)

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