Handle with love, and your Peshtemal will stay with you forever!

Looking For The Best Travel Towel?

Elena Pappas

Ever wish you could travel with your own soft and cosy towel from home? Why settle for a soggy hotel towel that has b...

Travel essentials to sun-drenched destinations

Merih Tasbas

After Vogue and sunscreen, Peshtemal beach towels are on the top of many peoples holiday travel essential list.

Six different ways to use a Peshtemal hammam towel

Merih Tasbas

Beside being wonderfully soft, stylish, and versatile, Peshtemal hamam towels has gone from being just towels to so m...

Endless Summer & Life Quotes

Merih Tasbas

Enjoy sizzling summer days, explore new adventures, and feel fantastic with our motivational and inspirational summer...

The finest gift for someone special

Merih Tasbas

Give her or him the gift of sophistacated luxury with 15% off on Serenity Kimono. 

The Ultimate Getaway - Byron Beach Abodes

Merih Tasbas

I just discovered the most amazing spot on earth! It´s not only incredible Instagram friendly, it´s also stylish, an ...

Why A Pestemal

Merih Tasbas

For us, it´s an honor to offer hand-loomed Pestemals made by Turkish artisans dedicated to tradition and quality. All...

Pick Of The Week - Morocco Pestemal

Samuel Gross

The Morocco Pestemal beach towel, an elegant accessory for your everyday needs. Designed in Sweden, and handwoven in ...

The 10 best places to travel in February

Merih Tasbas

Did you know that the shortest month of the year is perfect for planning a genuinely sun-drenched retreat? Don´t know...

How I use my Peshtemal

Merih Tasbas

There are a few multi-usage, smart products that I know of. Peshtemal is for me one of a kind. From the bathroom to t...

4 anledningar till att investera i en Peshtemal

Merih Tasbas

Det finns väldigt många anledningar till att köpa en Peshtemal. Förutom att de är otroligt snygga och läckra så är de...

Vad är en Peshtemal?

Merih Tasbas

There´s no shame wearing a towel as a scarf. Peshtemal [Pesh-te-mal] är en turkisk hamam handduk vävd av finaste bom...
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