Urban Joi is a young Swedish brand with roots in Turkey and born from a love for the Mediterranean sea and the traditional artisanship of Turkey. Our aim is to offer a sustainable, beautiful and versatile collection of home and bath textiles that adds the extra touch of elegance and luxury to your everyday living. Working with small, carefully selected family-run businesses of artisans in the Aegean region of Turkey, every piece is lovingly crafted to perfection. From every sold towel, we're donating 5% to project #SAVETHEOCEAN

Mix'n match colors & design

Limited quantity.

Exquisite, versatile and supreme Peshtemal hamam towels for those who like an affordable. luxurious, soft and gentle touch and a towel with plenty of benefits. 

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Sustainability and Black Friday is like oil and water

Dear friends, customers and fans, We are not running any crazy discount on Black Friday. We never do and here is why....

Top 10 Tips For Ultra-light Packing

There are many good reasons for being a travel minimalist; it's so liberating not to carry around a whole lot of luggage, you'll definitely save big bucks on baggage fees, you'll start discovering the new destination while people are still waiting for their luggage at the baggage carousel and most important travel light is so much better for the environment.

Looking For The Best Travel Towel?

Ever wish you could travel with your own soft and cosy towel from home? Why settle for a soggy hotel towel that has been washed gazillion times and might be stiff and rough when you can easily bring your own consciously crafted, versatile, lightweight, highly absorbent and fast-drying peshtemal bath and travel towel with you? Trust me, your trip will just get better!

Travel essentials to sun-drenched destinations

After Vogue and sunscreen, Peshtemal beach towels are on the top of many peoples holiday travel essential list.
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